Dear Sir /Madam/ Brother/ Sister/Hon/Ven,

This is to bring your kind attention that I am Bahardeen Mohamed Rameez (Bearer of NIC No: 722601394) from Sri Lanka. I am married and father of two girls both of them are still attending school and I am the only bread winner of m family.

I am suffering  from some disease for the last two years and finally diagnosed as serious kidney disease. Now it has come to the worst stage and the only treatment suggested by my doctors is the transplant of kidney for my survival. I am an ordinary business man involved in buying and selling. Apart from that I do driving as a part time job for extra income to me. But after the suffering from thois disease I have to give up driving. There is no other means of income to me. I am living in extreme conditions in a rented house.

As you aware that kidney transplant is a very expensive treatment in Sri Lanka. The estimate cost of my treatment as per the doctor’s analysis’s is around 1,275, 000/- (approximately US$ 9100 as pert the current exchange rate. This may vary according to financial market position). Further this cost is only for hospital charges which only include doctor’s fee and drugs costs. I have to find out a matching kidney donor. It may cost around  500000/- to 700000/- Sri Lankan rupees. All post-surgery expenses have to bear by me. Therefore the total cost will be around 2.5 million to 3 million Sri Lankan rupees.

My financial position is not strong enough to face this situation. Therefore I kindly make this appeal to kind hearted person like you to help me for the survival of my life and as well as my family.

According to doctor’s opinion I have to undergo this surgery without any further delay. So your kind help on time. On this regards is appreciated.

Those who willing to help me please deposit your valuable donation to the Bank Account.

Name Mohamed Rameez

Bank Name: Commercial bank

Account No: 8113024677

May Almighty God accept your good deeds and reward you and all around you, in this world and the hereafter.

Your faithfully


Note: The relevant letters issued by the doctors are attached her with for your kind attention.

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