1. The geneva sri lanka cricket club (geslcc) was founded in 1982.
  2. The club legal assress and headquarters are registered in geneva.
  3. The club received official recognition from the service des sport in geneva.
  4. The club is open to person all nationalities provided that they are citizen of or have legal status in switzerland or the european community.
  5. The geslcc is an independent , private club.
  6. The geneva sri lanka cricket club is member of the cricket switzerland . It reserves the right to obtain membership in other cricket associations in switzerland or european community.
  7. the geneva sri lanka cricket club  is an active participant in league and cup matches, friendly , exhibition and tournament  matches organized by its committee  or by the cricket switzerland  or by the any other cricket organization  in accordance with rules  set down by the individual cricket organiztion.
  8. The geneva sri lanka cricket club is a particiapating member in the european cup tournament.
  9. The main goals of the club are the organization and promotion of a s well as participation in cricket games in switzerland.
  10. Application for membership shall be made before the start of the season and shall subject to approval from the club management.
  11. Membership shall renewed on an annual basis before the start of the season and shall be secured only by payment of a membership.
  12. The club management shall select the captain of the team for given matches.this person may be selected for the entire season or for individual matches depending on his acceptance.this person shall be chosen according to his performance during matches . His knowledge of cricket and leader ship qualities:
    • The team captain shall have complete authority during the matches and the players shall respect his decision.
    • Players who are disrespect ful shall be reported by the team captain.
    • His duty shall be to ensure that players abide by the club rules and show discipline during the match.
    • He shall avoid conflict and dispute during a match and shall not be entitled to contest umpire’s decision.
    • The club management reserves the right to consult the team captain for selection purposes.
  13. Players ‘ responsibilities are follows:
    • They shall be available full-time for the season.
    • They shall demostrate full preparation and concentrated for the games
    • They shall keep themselves constantly informed about cricket
    • They shall observe the use of proper dress, namely , clean white clothing.
  14. All eleven players, including the two reserve players, shall be present one hour before the start of the game so as to be fully prepared. One reserve player to act as scorer.
  15. So as avoid unnecessary expenses , players shall provide their own picnic lunches for theh games.
  16. Public transport shall used to provide more comfort.


  1. The playing membership to the geneva sri lanka cricket club is open to all person who are citizens of or posess legal resident status in switerland or european union.
  2. All playing members must have their own private accident insuarnce.
  3. Playing members must respect and abide by club regulations, including those laid down by the cricket switzerland  authority.
  4. Playing members must available for the cricket season from mid april to mid october, in particular on weekends which are of utmost importance.
  5. Playing members must be available for travel and capable of undertakeing their own travel expenses.
  6. Playing member must demonstrate punctuality at all matches.
  7. Playing membership is guaranteed upon payment of a fixed club fee in swiss francs. This amount shall  cover playing equipments , practice  sessions and ground facilities.players may buy their own kit or use the items provided by the club . For hygienic reasons, players are advised to equip themselves with their own gloves, abdo guard and personal  effects.
  8. Playing membership to the club an individual choice . Person admitted are accepted only as playing members.they shall not be entitled to hold administrative posts or act as advisors or  consultants .nor shall they be entitled to be part of the organizing body or have active participation in club organization.
  9. The club reserves the right to request the assistance of pioneer or other members it deems capable of assuming certain activities for the entire season or on specific occasions.
  10. Playing members who join the club for a season shall not be entitled to play for another club or in any other matches , friendly or otherwise, without prior authorization from the club management.
  11. Playing members may not refuse to attend practice sessions and matches without sumbitting a valid reason.
  12. Playing members shall not select the games for which they intend to play.this shall be done by a selection body and the players shall comply with the team order.