An Initiative towards a happy and enjoyable cricket in Switzerland in 2017

The Geneva Sri Lanka Cricket Club (GESLCC) is in the process of inviting serious cricket lovers (junior and seniors) who does not have the facilities to play cricket in Geneva to join us and enjoy the benefits offered. In addition to our mandate, this is a special offer in 2017.

Therefore, the Club has decided to register with Cricket Switzerland to play both T20 and 40-over games for 2017 season. This opportunity will give the players to have a choice as to the type of game they would like to play in. In this regard, the Club has introduced new code of conduct.(

Also the club has nominated Mr. Dugal Janzs, a senior member of the club, to the Advisory Committee of the Club. Mr. Mounir Barron has been nominated as a team captain for the CSPL 40 over games. He is new to the club, but his past cricket experiences in Geneva will bring new ideas and spirit towards a successful season. Along with that Mr. ArunJeev Arunthavaraja has been nominated as the vice-captain for CSPL 40 over games. He is the youngest player of the team and this opportunity will be one of the biggest challenges in his future cricket carrier in Geneva. Mr. Zarook M. Samsudeen has been nominated as the captain for T20 matches while Mr Majuran Selvarasa has been nominated as the vice-captain of T20 matches. The management of the Club would like to wish them the very best.

Above nominations and responsibilities are valid for one year. The club management will review the progress of all with their respective responsibilities, including the players.

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