Code of Conduct



The GENEVA SRI LANKA CRICKET CLUB (Herein after known as ‘GESLCC’) is one of the oldest cricket clubs in Geneva having been established in 1982. It is a private, independent club intended to promote Cricket in Switzerland. The GESLCC consists of the Club Management and the players. The code of conduct applies to all players at all times during their registration as a playing member of the GESLCC.


GESLCC decided to introduce a new code of conduct for the club commencing from the 2017 season. This has been necessitated due to certain incidents and player behavioural patterns in the past seasons. The club management discussed the recent match results and the players’ behaviour during the overall season of 2016 and came to the conclusion that a code of conduct for the players is a constructive step towards achieving success in the next season. As it is true with any organization/association/club a code of conduct will provide all players a framework to be bound by based on morals, values, respect for each other and team spirit. It is the duty and responsibility of each individual player to abide by the code of conduct.

The code of conduct will include the following areas:

  • Players and their responsibilities
  • Breach of code
  • Grounds
  • League CSPL/ T20
  • Friendly matches and Tours
  • Practices/Transport / Accommodation / Refreshments

Code of Conduct:


All players must be members of the GESLCC by paying the annual membership dues. They become members to play cricket in any format during the season. Once the player has been registered with the Cricket Governing body in Switzerland for the tournament, or any other cricket fixtures, the player must follow the general rules/directions set by the club and abide by this code of conduct. Any violations or breach of this code of conduct may be subject to disciplinary actions, based on the severity of such action.


  1. The players are purely playing members and not part of the Executive Committee of the Club. He does not have any role in the management of the club or the team.
  1. The players should have a basic knowledge of cricket and he should have some experiences in bowling, batting or wicket keeping while fielding is a must.
  1. For the league matches, there will be a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 20 players in the squad.
  1. The player must be available for the league and the competition matches of the entire season. Any absence from a match will be considered a violation of the code of conduct, except due to sickness or physical inability. In situations such as this, the player must contact the Club Manager to provide adequate details to show his inability to play in the absence of a medical certificate. However, if you bring a medical certificate, you will not be subjected to paragraph 4.1 under Players’ responsibilities.

4.1 However, in the event of a player falling sick or unable to play a match due to any other personal       reason, then he will not be able to play in the following match or perhaps more, as the other reserve players will be given a chance to play. He will automatically be placed at the bottom of the squad and his next chance to play will be decided by the club management based on many factors including performance of other players.

  1. Each and every player must understand that only 11 can play in a team at any given time and that the rest of the squad will have to be as reserves, often helping with other club duties as needed without any objection. (ex.- scoring, helping with score board, umpire etc.). All players including the reserve players should report at the ground one hour before the official start of the match.
  1. The player must respect the ground conditions irrespective of its terrain, size, layout, ground format, and location where the match is to be played. All players are expected to be in a positive frame of mind (with no exceptions) to discuss a good strategic plan with the Captain based on the ground and weather conditions. The Captains decision is final.
  1. Each and every player must respect each other without discrimination based on nationality, race, religious or political beliefs.
  1. Each and every player must respect the appointed Captain’s decisions at all time. The player seniority or their past performance will not be a determining factor for preferential treatment during a match.
  1. The player who has been signed up for the league should consider that the best eleven players are on the field in a given match and they shall not interfere in the team selection which is done by the team Manager in consultation with the coach.
  1. A match strategy has to be planned before each match by the Team Manager, Captain and the entire team of players. A pre-team meeting should be held 30 minutes prior to the toss at the venue analysing all factors to make sure the Captain is well informed of the decision to bat or field depending on the collective decision of all which is taken with the team’s interest at heart. Once a team decision is taken all players will have to give their 100% irrespective of his personal view or opinion (the success or failure of each team member will be reflected on the entire team as a collective failure or success).
  1. Any player who has signed up with the GESLCC for the season will not be allowed to play for any other team, be it a friendly match or tournament match or to go on a tour with other teams. However, if the club has no match on that particular weekend, a player can be allowed to go and play with another friendly club in a friendly match only. Players should ensure to maintain good physical fitness as his prime responsibility should be to represent the GESLCC club matches. However, in order to play as above the player should inform the club management as a principle and permission obtained.
  1. The player must be well prepared for the upcoming match and in good physical and mental condition. They should attend practices when fixed showing his commitment. The player must be well aware of the official match starting times.
  1. The player must be dressed in clean white cricket clothing in keeping with the club’s reputation and image.
  1. The player must be responsible to bring their own lunch and arrange for transportation to and from the ground at his own expense. On special occasions, the club will provide lunch at the Club management’s discretion. 


  1. Violations of this code of conduct will be subjected to disciplinary action.  The Club Management will make this decision based on an investigation. A player or a group of players found guilty of any breach of the code of conduct will be immediately suspended from the club and they shall not be allowed to represent the GESLCC until and unless the suspension is lifted by the club management.
  1. In the event of a player suspension, the Club Management will take steps to inform competent authorities of the Swiss Cricket governing bodies, Geneva Cantonal Service de Sports, Ville de Geneva with copy of action report to the ECC. The club will also publish such incidents (with names) on the Club Website.