Concluded their 2020 season with the 40th-anniversary celebrations

The GESLCC concluded their 2020 season with the 40th-anniversary celebrations of the club on 19 Saturday, September at Bout du Monde cricket grounds.

While respecting the Covid-19 restrictions, a limited number of people were invited to the event. The morning sky was cloudy but the weather changed for the better to play the T20 anniversary trophy cricket match.

Before the game, Chinta Rajap, a senior member of the club made a welcome speech accompanied by the president’s speech. The Ven Halyale Wimalarathna and Sumanajohi thero, Geneva International Buddhist Vihara were invited to the event to offer Blessings of Tripple-Gem to those members who had died. The club management extended a special invitation to their family members and friends to light a candle.

Venerable theros mentioned the importance of having true friendship and working together to bring the 40-year success of the club.

The club had organized a full day entertainment, including barbeque, rice & curry, Kottu Roti, Salad, and for drinks; Saruwath, Punch.

In the afternoon session, there was a prize-giving ceremony. and the special guest, Mrs Shewanthi Dayananda was invited to the stage to hand over the 40th anniversary championship trophy. The winning team captain, Dugal Jansz, and the second team player, Zarook Mohideen received the trophy. There were other prices: the man of the match, two return tickets to Porto tour 2021 were won by Rosahn Perera, and Mithuson Javad respectively.

Finally, at the close of the ceremony, a speech made by the GESLCC president thanked present and past members of the club. Also remembered their genuine contribution and commitment to the club to make it a success in the past.

The club Manager invited and wished all cricket lovers in the region to join the club and profit from this interesting opportunity and to support the GESLCC to continue for years to come.

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