Excellent opening day celebration

The GESLCC opening day of the cricket season was held on Sunday 7 April at Geneva Bout du Monde ground. Though there was light rain, the team members were energetic and had a lot of enthusiasm all throughout the day. There were over 20 participants, both Juniors and seniors who attended the event.

The highlight of the event was the cricket coaching camp conducted by Roshan Perera. The training was well received by the participants as it was both dynamic and challenging to all. The participants took the opportunity to learn from Mr. Perera’s skills and experience. This was a perfect fit for the newcomers to the Club as well as to the juniors who attended the event. It was a major success. The GESLCC thank Rosahn Perera for his unwavering dedication to the training and attention at the team-level as well as to the individuals for specialized advice.

The GESLCC would like to continue this type of event at least once a month based on the ground availability.

Based on the training received, the Club Management would like to challenge the players to observe their individual approach and incorporate good advice into the next game. For ex: bat for an extended period of time (longer than you normally last) even with a lower scoring rate than your average just so that there will be confidence building within the team. Pay more conscious effort when fielding because for example, a “catch” is a one time opportunity given to you to get your opponent out – may not have a second opportunity. So, take this as a challenge and prove it yourself and naturally the Management will take note of it.

In addition to the coaching event, the Club celebrated the Sri Lanka new year with milk rice, traditional cakes, Masala wade and tea.

Once again Club management would like to thank all participants and supporters who traveled from far away places and from Geneva to take part in this event.

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