Four teams in Geneva fought to win the Geneva T20 challenge trophy

The Sunday 19th Bout du Monde cricket ground was busy; four teams in Geneva fought to win the Geneva T20 challenge trophy. Three matches of T20 format organize by GECC and supported by GESLCC, CERN, and Combine Team

 The first match was GECC Vs Combine CC and was played at 10 am.  GECC won the match by a good margin.

 The second Match was GESLCC Vs CERN CC and GESLCC won by 26 runs.

The second match started at 2.30 pm.  The GESLCC won the toss and batted first, scored 240 for the loss of 5 wickets in 20 overs.  Majuran and Murad were the openers.  Murad was caught with no runs. Neil joined Majuran to make a stunning partnership of 191 runs. Eventually, Majuran was bowled out at 78 runsNeil continued his innings to score an excellent 138 runs including 14x 4s, 13x 6s, not out.  Zakir 0, Rav 10, Mounir 2, and Zarook 5 not out, totaling 240 runs.  This was the second time T20 recorded the highest score at Bout du Monde by GESLCC during the 2020 season.

 The final match was restricted to 15 overs due to a lack of time. The match started at 6 pm and GCC won by 30 runs against GESLCC. The GCC elected to bat first.  The first wicket fell at no runs and then the subsequent wickets fell at 44-60-65-66-77.

Kasif 33 runs and Ali 58 runs brought the total up to 179 in 15 overs. This was a remarkable target to chase after a disappointing fielding performance by GESLCC.

 The Openers Majuran and Murad were encouraged by the supporters and by the team. Unfortunately, Majuran was caught behind for 5 runs. Was a difficult conclusion but Majuran walked away as a gentleman, honoring the game.

 Neil was run out at 9ZakirMurad partnership brought the score up to 84 runs. Eventually, Zakir was caught behind 34  runsMurad was 54 not out at the end of 15 overs. Congratulations Murad! young talent (school cricketer debut 2019 GESLCC).  The management wishes him the very best in his future endeavors in Geneva.

 GESLCC lost 5 wickets followed by Ravi 1 run, Mitusan 1 run, Zrook 5 not out. GESLCC fielding needs improvement. Also, the physical fitness of the players was questionable.

 Unity and harmony of players were commendable, the GESLCC management noted.

 Thanks to the cricket lovers and fans who attended the event.

 The GESLCC Management

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