GESLCC got kicked out at the CSPL quarter finals!

Top to middle order batting of GESLCC collapsed and seven batsmen left seven duck eggs during the CSPL quarter finals with Olten CC on 21 August 2016.  This shameful elimination of GESLCC from the quarterfinal was incredulous, given the team has previously shown strength leading up to the challenge.  GESLCC lost by 169 runs.

Olten CC won the toss and elected to bat. Olten CC scored 256 runs for 7 wickets in their allocated 40 overs: Raja scored 97 runs with two chances (catch dropped by long mid-on and easy run out was miss-fielded at cover). Murali scored 44 while Mouniwar was 41 not out.

The ground condition was not excellent with single-sided batting wicket pitch with artificial rubber over a wood surface.  Short boundaries on the ground were prevalent and therefore, the bowlers had great difficulties to position fielders based on their bowling tactics.  Overall, this type of ground is not suitable for any important match such as CSPL tournament. GESLCC has never played on this ground before and therefore the conditions were not too familiar to the team.  In view of this, the GESLCC management will raise the issue to appropriate authorities before engaging in another CSPL tournament, next year.

The GESLCC only lasted 26 overs while Wadood was settled on the wickets for a considerably time and scored 65 runs.  The opener Sanjeeva scored 12 runs, Kumar 7, and Arun 1 not out.  All other players collapsed for nothing.

Given that the grounds in question was Olten CC’s home ground, they had a clear advantage.  Nevertheless, both sides had the same environment, ground conditions, and weather to play with but obviously GESLCC never took advantage of short boundaries, specially behind the wickets while changing the overall strategy on how to approach the match given non-standard grounds. The inability of GESLCC to strategize and to adapt to the situation made it look like the team work and individual responsibilities are taken too lightly, insufficient for the professional challenge.

Overall it was a very disappointing performance by GESLCC.  GESLCC congratulated the Olten CC for their strategic play and moving towards semi-finals.



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