GESLCC’s 10-wicket dramatic defeat on their 5th CSPL game against GCC on 5 August at Home grounds.

GESLCC won the toss and captain Mounir took advantage of home grounds to bat first. Unfortunately unsteady batting performance by the openers follow by the rest lead to making only 128 runs within 37.2 overs.

Captain Mounir made some changes on batting order seemed to have turned against his expectations. The highest score was 29 by Idrees, followed by Ravi who scored 22 runs against difficult GCC bowling attack.

GESLCC bowling and fielding was an embarrassment. Lalantha & Idrees opening bowlers lead GCC to get 54 runs within five overs. Wadood gave 28 runs within 2 overs while Ravi gave 20 runs within an over. Hans Koch gave 15 runs within half an over and the lowest runs given within an over was during Majuran’s bowling who managed to limit the score to 9 runs within the innings.

After the lunch break GCC chased the target score of 129. It took less than an one hour and 9.5 overs to won the match!

Ansar 66 runs & Shah 54 runs brilliantly scored to total 130 runs with no loss lead the team to a huge victory by 10 wickets (unbeaten team in CSPL pool).

Obviously, GESLCC needs to strengthen its confidence and take serious individual responsibility to continue playing CSPL competitions. Needless to say that the club management and the supporters were disappointed with the GESLCC performance. The club management is in the process of strategizing its approach as to what path to take in the next games.

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