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The GELCC will begin its Cricket Session by the end of May 2021. As you all know, the decision to stop cricket among many other sports is based on the decision made by the cantonal sports authorities because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite our ability to play soon, we should respect all rules and measures stipulated by the Geneva Sports Authorities, with our teammates and friends.

Our Club has introduced new young players and assigned some senior players to be involved in team-building activities and training. This activity is initially organized for 2 years to develop the new team member to be competitive and successful in their activities.

Most senior players who are retired are ready to support the team to bring the GESLCC to a sound position in the state of Geneva in specific, and in Switzerland in general.

The senior retirees and over the fifties will join hands with the players for occasional games/tours, mostly during the weekends.

Mr. Ravi Damotharann who is a senior player from Zurich contributed valuable support for the past 20 years. The club will organize a birthday celebration for his “big 50” as we could not properly do so due to covid restrictions on 6 March 2021 (on his birthday). Ravi has offered a present to the club with color attire for the 2021 season. Janaka is sharing with Ravi to deliver the items to Geneva.

GESLCC management will closely review the progress of the team. The club will follow up the team’s performances and skills to provide them with a better opportunity to overall improve their skills and performance.

The GESLCC would like to thank all those who are continuing to play with us while welcoming the new players. The club wishes both seniors and the new players to enjoy the game of cricket as a leisure sport.

Management. May 2021

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