I am so proud of you for setting your standards high and made every effort to achieve that goal

18297050_1709447739069709_175065089_o 18261150_1709442162403600_1289456606_oGESLCC won the warm up friendly match against BERN CC by 83 runs at Bout du monde on Sunday 30 April. Mounir Barron, the new captain of GESLCC won the toss and decided to bat first.

GESLCC innings started with a very slow rate up to the 15th over with only 52 runs. For the first 20 overs, GESLCC managed to score only 73 for 4 wickets while Bern CC fielding was excellent. Bern CC kept a tight bowling attack up to the 26th over for 90 runs. Suddenly, the middle order batsmen accelerated the run rate reached 190 all out at the 38th over. The highest scorers of the innings were Wadood 34 not out, Idress 30 runs, Sanjeewa 25 runs. While Nelson scored 19 runs, Mounir 14, Majuran 11, and Ravi 10. Fall of wickets; 12-1,60-2, 60-3, 71-4, 96-5, 104-6, 125-7, 129–8, 179-9,190-10.

After the Lunch break Tissa & Aseem from Bern CC opened their innings with much determination to chase the target. But Lalantha’s excellent bowling spell took Tisaa for 9 runs at the second over and continue with a superb attack which took a total of 4 wickets in five overs with 21 runs.

Wadood 4 -2-12-0, Lalantha 5-0-21-4, Idrees 4-0-20-1, Majuran 4-0-12-1, Hans 2-0-10-1, and Arun 4-0-22-2

Bern CC highest scorer Imran got 24 runs while Mohiby scored 18. BERN CC was all out in the 23rd over with a score board reading of 107 runs.

GESLCC – you worked hard and proved to yourself and everyone else what you are capable of!

Best wishes on continued success.
GESLCC managment

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