Tireless performance by GESLCC was not enough to win the GNC Annual Champions Cup, played at the Bout du Monde on the weekend of 19/20

This is the second consecutive year that the G.N.C organized the T-20 cup tournament in Geneva and there were only four Clubs had the chance to participate in this tournament. The last year defending champions GEXl Stars ended up with the fourth place this year and GCC took the third. As of last year, The unbeaten GESL in this tournament has  reached to the final again this year  with 5 points, and Olten CC achieved 3 points (won one & one abandoned, one lost) .

On this sunny Sunday afternoon, GESLCC won the toss and elected to field.  Olten scored 132 runs within its allocated 15 overs with a loss of 5 wickets.  As a response, GESLCC made 128 runs within 15 over while loosing 6 wickets; GESLCC lost the match by 4 runs.

Both days, the matches were played in good spirit.  The atmosphere was full of enthusiasm and friendly. Mr. Gaddafi Muhammad, the managing director of G.N.C. delivered his speech and congratulated the winners and commended all clubs who participated.

Final match results: 

GESLCC lost by 4 runs

Olten CC  132 runs in 15 Over – lost 5 wickets,
fall of wickets: 9-11-15-62-107

Ravi, 3-0-33-1, Majuran 3-0-20-2, Arun 4-0-26-0, Uddika 4-0-24-1, Dugel 3-0-16-1
Ahamed 1-0-12-0, Extras :1

GESLCC 128 runs in 15 Over – Lost 6 wickets
Fall of wickets: 77-77-79-109-110-118

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