Lalantha smashed his way into the record books with a blistering 117 not out against BaselCC!

20150823_152944Drizzle did not dampen Lalantha’s first ever century made at Bout du Monde on Sunday 23rd which got GESLCC to win over Basel C.C. by 25 runs. Lalantha smashed his way into the record books with a blistering 117 not out against BaselCC during this friendly fixture. Sanjeeva who had by then relegated himself for a supporting position brought the partnership between him and Lalantha to a total of 137.

As the captain, Lalantha won the toss and decided to bat first. The GESLCC first four wickets were lost in a downwards spiral at 31 for 4 wickets in six overs when Sanjeewa and Lalantha got to their comfortable batting spaces.

By the 28th over, GESLCC was 134 but at the end another 103 was added to the total. The final seven overs was simply carnage with Zarook joining Lalantha by clubbing the ball in all directions. BaselCC conceded defeat with only 143 runs. Zarook scored a comfortable 60 from 7 overs.

Also a major contribution was made by Dugal who took 5 wickets with 33 runs during 5.2 overs and by Ravi who took 3 wickets with 35 runs during 7 overs.


Fall of wickets: 22-1, 25-2, 31-3, 31-4, 120-5, 228-6
Sanjeewa-37, Sathees-6, Uddika-1, Dugal-2, Ravi-00, Lalantha-117 n/o, Zarook-60, Arun- n/o, Extras 23
Those who did not bad were Anot, Tahjudeen, and Ushmman.

Bowiling Figures;

Ravi 7-0-35-3, Thajudeen 4-0-47-0, Dugal 5.2-0-33-5, Uddika 6-0-31-0, Arun 4-0-40-1, Lalantha 5-0-30-1

Basel C.C.

Fall of wickets:

61-1,63-2, 63-3, 113-4, 161-5, 161-6, 174-7, 179-8, 210-9, 216-10

Zaheer 46, Praveen, 49, Vishal,01, Anu 00, Pramod 31, sanjeewa 33, Adil 00, jay 05, Karthik 23 n/o, Shabir 5, Shiva 5. Extras 18

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