Management News


Please be informed that the GESLCC has appointed four senior experienced players as Match Managers during the season 2018. The Match Managers will also act as the Club Advisory Board. The senior players are Mr.Dugal Janz, Mr.Nanda Dias, Mr.Selvan Ratnaraja Amirthalingam, and Mr.Rohita Yapa. They are the only Representatives from the GESLCC management.

Their responsibilities are to fully control a given match and report back to the club management on the general behaviour of the players and the quality of the captaincy during the game. The captain of the team is expected to deal with the Match Managers related to any matters that may arise before the start of the game and during its play.

The team selection will be done by the Club Management according to the players availability, their performances, their participation of the practice sessions and the commitments to the Club activities.

The club has changed the T20 captaincy. The newly appointed T20 captain is Mr. Uddika Bandaranayake and the vice-captain remains as Mr. Sevarasa Majuran.

The former T20 Captain Zarook Samsudeen will remain as the wicket keeper/batsman in the CSPL squad. Mr.Krishantha Priya has been given the opportunity as the wicket keeper/batsman in the T20 squad as well. The captain of the teams could swapped both Zarook & Krishantha, according to their availabilities on the games.

Mr. Mounir Barron, and Mr. Arun Jeev will remain in their current positions as the CSPL captain & Vice captain during 2018 season.

The players who will take holidays during the middle of the cricket season will not be guaranteed to get selected to play the subsequent quarter final, Semi and the Final.

The Club Management would like to thank and appreciate Mr. Zarook’s enormous contribution & commitments to the club during the past years and wish him to continue a as a top order batsmen/wicket keeper in the team in years to come.

Dugal Janz and Selvan Amirthalingam will continue to play occasionally both league matches based on their weekend availability.

The club requests that all players are thoroughly familiar with the Club “Code of Conduct”, and the Club web site “” where you get latest news.
The club has joined the Association of Geneva Cricket (AGC). The main purposes of joining this newly created association is to have the opportunity to develop and maintain existence cricket in Geneva and also to encourage the local school juniors in state of Geneva to introduce the game of cricket .

The club has participated “Plaine de Jeunes” on 28-29 April, organized by the Ville de Genève.

The club will be participating “Fête des école” Park de bastion on the Friday 29th June at 5pm to 10 pm.

The first T20 league competition drastically lost to Bern cc at our home grounds. The club management is currently investigating the match report produce by the match managers. The club management already had a discussion with the captain and advised to take better control of the feature games especially concerning in players behaviour and dynamics.