Mounir Barron, Captain of GESLCC obtained an Eid al-Fitr celebration day gift

GSLCC_Cossonay_25.06.17Mounir Barron won his first CSPL game beating cossonay by six wicket at bout du monde on Sunday 25th.

Cossonay CC captain Sathya Narayan won the toss and decided to bat first.  Cossonay CC scored 134 runs  all out in 25th.

The captain took a decision to replace absent player with the 12 th man Dugel and sent him to bat at 4 down. Dugal demonstrated an excellent  spell during the innings and scored 76 runs not out (this is now a proven fact that even the 12th man in the team is as good as the rest of the team). GESLCC chased the score and got 135 runs with  a lost of only 4 wickets in 18 overs.

Please follow this link to get the full score card;

Congratulation to the team & the supporters.

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