The Happy end 2021

The Geneva Sri Lanka Cricket Club closed the season in 2021 with a grand celebration at the Bout du Monde grounds on Saturday 25 September.

A large crowd gathered to watch the final T-20 exhibition match between GESLCC and combined senior Xl. Attended the picnic barbecue at the end of the match.

Some cricket lovers and their families came from Zurich, St.Gallen, Bern, Lugano, and Lausanne, besides the local crowd.

The challenge trophy was won by the GESLCC team, lead by Mr. Sathees Kumar, and the runner-up team led by Janaka Kumar.

The junior cricketer Zahid Mohamed and the Senior player Janaka kumar were given the ‘man of the match’ award and a full package gift voucher for the Porto Tour in June 2022.

The match results were combined. Xl batted first and scored 123 all out for 20 overs while

The GESLCC chased the target score and lost one wicket within 13 overs to complete the match.

At the beginning of the ceremony, candles were lit based on the tradition followed by a two-minute silence to remember those club members and loved ones who passed away during the past years.

The prize-giving ceremony was conducted by Dugal Janz. Also, as a special guest, Ms. Sarah-Jean Giannelli, was invited to distribute the prizes at the ceremony.

The Club management expresses its gratitude and conveys thanks to those who have taken part in the final day ceremony at BDM and contributed to the event.

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