“Unity through Cricket” tour of Sri Lanka 2016 ended up with enormous success!

The GESLCC returned from their 4th cricket tour to Sri Lanka with unforgettable experiences in their cricket tour history. GESLCC played 7 matches in various districts in SL and had the opportunity to play in the most wonderful international grounds together with strong teams (combination with division level of l-ll-lll players whom are possible candidates for the National team in Sri Lanka). Among 7 matches, GESLCC won three. While two matches were badly lost, our team gave a good fight till the last minute. All matches were played with great spirit and quality. “Unity Through Cricket”, our tour banner was well received all the teams we played against and in general by Sri Lankans.

While most opponents had very dynamic and young players, GESLCC with mature players combined with a few young were well prepared. Our team included: Dugal Janz , Lalantha Sirisenage, Ravi Damotharn, Zarook Samsudeen, Sathees Kumar, Mounir Baron, Selvan Amirthalingam, Rajkumar, Niroshan , Yohan, Dishan, Indidka, Sedwyn, Lucian, Freddy, and Praveen. Our senior and very experienced Sri Lankan Coach, Mr. Madanayake, who toured with us provided very valuable advice to our players helping them to build moral. Also taught special techniques for the tour members and this was our first experience in a tour similar to this. We are very grateful for Indika, Yohan, Dishan, and Niroshan, who were with us and accepted part-time or full-time replacement responsibilities during matches.

We had a two celebrations during the tour. One in Jaffna organized by Selvan and Subha ’s family and the other in Colombo organized by Dugal’s family. They both turned out to be very enjoyable gatherings and we are immensely thankful for their contributions.

During the tour, some of our players suffered the heat-wave in Sri Lanka and got ill but eventually manage to recover soon and get back to games after a two-day break.

There are a number of people who got involved in organizing this tour. We owe special thanks to Colonel Madugalle and Mr. Sujeewa Priyasantha who organized and coordinated the logistics of the venues and the respective teams. The Entire tour was organized through the District of North Central Provincial Council and the Geneva Sri Lanka Cricket Club sincerely thank them and have donated Rs. 200,000 cash for the development of sports activities for the province.

On behalf of the Geneva Sri Lankka Cricket club, I would like to thank Mr. Don Gazara, (father in Law of Sedwyn) for sponsoring tournament T-shirts, and Mr. Nalin Indrasena for sponsoring the final day S.S.C. match and the lunch.

I would also like to thank our friend Mr. Nissanka Gajammanna who provided comfortable and safe transportation and found the best accommodation during the tour. Mr. Gajammanna’s ability was admired during our constantly changing demands throughout the tour.

I Thank each and every team member participated in this tour (both players and those who supported) for making this tour an enormous success. This type of tours helped us to meet new friends from all corners of the country and get to know them better. Congratulations all!

The match Results:

Date 20.April 2016 –  40 overs – Match result : GESLCC lost by 145 runs
Captains : K.Kameshananath – Selvan Amirthalingam
Jaffna Province Combine team Vs GESLCC   Played  at Jaffna Central college ground
Jaffna Combine 303 runs for 7 wickets in 40 overs – GESL 158 Runs all out in 32.4 overs



Date 21 April 2016 – 30 overs – Match results: GESLCC won by points (Only lost 5 wickets)
Captains : Seltan – Sathees  Kumar
Jaffna Central College  Vs GESLCC  Played at Jaffna Central college ground
GESL 190 runs for 5 wickets in 30 overs- Jaffna Central 190 runs all out in 28.4 overs



Date 25 April 2016- 40 Overs – Match results: GESLCC won by 67 Runs
Captains : Srinath – Sedwyn
Matale distric club Vs GESLCC  Played at Rangiri Dambulla  Int. National stadium
GESL 189 all out in 39.1 over  – Matale CC  122 runs all out in 22 Overs



Date 27 April 2016-  40 Over   Match results: GESLCC Lost by 16 Runs
Captains : Nilkamal –  Lalantha Sirisenage
Hambanthota district combine vs GESLCC Played at Sooriyawewa Int.National stadium
Hambanthota Dis. Team  253 runs for 9 wickets in 40 overs- GESLCC  237 runs all out in 39.3 Overs



Date 29 April 2016 – 30 Over  match results:  GESLCC Lost by 4 wickets
Captains : Chathura Jayawickrama  , Lucien Jordaan
Matara province combine team Vs GESLCC Played at Matara Uyanwattha Cricket grounds
GESLCC all out 169 in 26.4 Overs – Matara cc 172 for 7 wickets in 26.4 overs



Date 30 April 2016 – 30 Over match Resutls : GESLCC lost by 7 wickets
Captains : Indika Perera – Zarook samsudeen
Colombo Old Susamians  CC Vs GESLCC  Played at Wesley College Ground in Colombo
GESLCC  all out 171 in 29.4 – Old Susamians cc 175 for 3 wickets in 19 Overs



Date 31 April 2016 – 30 Overs match results: GESLCC won by 55 runs
Captains : Wijesekara Walisundara   – Dugal Janz
Colombo SLMEDIA CC Vs SLGECC played at S.S.C . Int. Cricket Ground in Colombo
GESLCC 227 for 7 wickets in 30 Overs – SLMEDIA CC  172 for 6 wickets in 30 Overs



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